Christina's World - Olsen House Tour

and Karin's 50th Birthday Party- Rockland ME


Joan and I went to our niece's birthday in Rockland, Maine. We went up a day early so we would have time to tour the Olson Family Homestead in Cushing, Maine which is right next to Rockland and the Farnsworth Art Museum which houses a collection of Wyeth Family Paintings. The Olson House which is maintained by the Farnsworth Museum is the home of Christina Olsen. Christina Olsen and the Olsen House were subjects of many of Andrew Wyeth's Paintings including what I think is his best know painting Christina's World. Andrew Wyeth painted Christina who was crippled and could not walk, her brother Alvaro and the Olson house off and on for over 30 years. The first three images are photos of Andrew Wyeth Paintings. See if you can spot the photographs I took that relate to the paintings.

Click HERE to see the photos.

NOTE: Photo P0709c0007 shows Joan in what looks like a small room. Photo P0709c0008 shows Joan is exiting the room... It's an elevator about 15 by 10 feet with 2 benches and paintings on the walls.